Champagne Copin-Cautel

Champagne Copin-Cautel – Collectionneurs d'instants


Your favourite cuvées, your habits, but also and above all our meeting anecdote… So many fragments of life, of memories, of feelings put in the Copin-Cautel’s “Feelings album”.

A photo montage frame of beautiful moments in which Séverine and I like drawing to live the moment again. And to prolong the magic too. We are happy to build this beautiful professional friendship with you, as a new page is written in your company.

This shows that we are definitely made to meet each other!

Philippe & Séverine
Collectionneurs d'instants – Champagne Copin-Cautel

A face to the name

Our greatest pride?
Our family, with no hesitation!

The family which we come from of course and also the family we have created. Our children, our friends, but also our close circle with which we have the same values. And which you are a part of, obviously!

Un visage sur un nom – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Vine journal

Relationships with family, friends and professionals: I need our exchanges to be made in full confidence.

This is the first principle to allow our collaboration to flourish. Both as part of a team in our internal working and with you, our clients.

Carnet de vignes – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Copin-Cautel in numbers

Surface – Champagne Copin-Cautel

4.34 hectares in HVE level 3 and VDC.

Village – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Exclusively in Vandières (Vallée de la Marne).

Sol – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Soil work and partial grass cover-cropping.

Cépages – Champagne Copin-Cautel

53 % Meunier
30 % Pinot Noir
17 % Chardonnay

The best in us

When I founded my estate, I wanted to go to meet people and get away from the only framework of my wine farm. Open up to other horizons, other visions, other ways of thinking and increase my knowledge of the world.

This principle motivated my participation in fairs and has been a reason to mark the name Copin-Cautel in each of my bottles, I should say “of our bottles”. Here again, this is a collective work that we make Séverine and I.

Le meilleur en chacun de nous – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Sense of family

We have to admit it, you are in our mind during the creation of our cuvées. Sharing is important to us, even unifying. As good wine is!

Like good times you like remembering with your friends and family, each of our cuvées evokes a moment and an anecdote related to our wine and to our family too.

A unifying parenthesis out of time to better imprint itself in the photographic print. By the way, the comment appearing on the back label is very useful to make relive the memory experience!

L'esprit de famille – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Come meet us

We hope this brochure will help you to get to know us better. But you know, as well as we do, that nothing could replace a “real” meeting.

What about scheduling a date? We will be very happy to welcome you and continue this discussion together…. And make you discover a little more about Vandières!

Venez nous rencontrez – Champagne Copin-Cautel