A face to the name

Our greatest pride? Our family, with no hesitation!

The family which we come from of course and also the family we have created. Our children, our friends, but also our close circle with which we have the same values. And which you are a part of, obviously!

Our meeting

United at both home and in the vines, it was obvious to join our two last names. Copin for Philippe’s branch. And Cautel for mine, Séverine.

We met each other in high school, in Year 12 and we haven’t left each other since. As if an outside force had pushed us into following the same way of living… Had not our families already met, some years before?

By chance, my paternal grandparents were nursery owners in Aÿ and they sold some vine plants to Philippe’s parents, Bernard and Marie-Thérèse. In their own way, we can say that they contributed to develop our family vineyard!

Collectionneurs d'instants – Champagne Copin-Cautel

An ancestral attachment

So, the main part of our lands comes from the Copin side. Old-established in Vandières, since the great grandfather Alfred at least, the family has always showed a deep attachment to this village of the Vallée de la Marne. And to the cooperative built inter alia by the grandfather Auguste, and in which Philippe takes part in the Board of Directors, after his father Bernard.

A village typical by its size and historically big. Do they not say that Romans would have been the first ones to cultivate the vine? Philippe is loquacious on this subject and on other historical anecdotes… Feel free to ask him: he will be very happy to answer you!

Un attachement ancestral – Champagne Copin-Cautel

A complementary pair

As for me, my maternal and paternal family has always been in the service of the others. My grandmother Jacqueline already had this personality trait while she owned the Café des sports in Aÿ, as well as my grandfather Christian who was a taxi driver. My father Roland Cautel had also this sense of service, when he developed his own company specialised in wine-growing works further extended by a transportation part.

As far as I am concerned, I decided to share my activity by assisting Philippe in the administrative, viticultural and marketing part of our family company. And this works rather well.

Un binôme complémentaire – Champagne Copin-Cautel
  • An affective “treasure”

    The proximity of a human-sized structure considering its clients as real professional friends.

  • An affective “treasure”

    Winegrowers who put a face to each of their clients.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The hospitality of the Vandières terroir at the heart of la Vallée de la Marne.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The attachment to the Champagne blending and to its infinite shades.

  • An affective “treasure”

    An ideal size of range and to which we naturally come back.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A selective committed position for the wine-making process that favours the best juices.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A collaborative, qualitative, rigorous production tool, oriented towards excellence and consistency.

  • An affective “treasure”

    “Moment Collectors”, our brand is equipped with relevant commercial tools to reinforce our partnership.

Come meet us

We hope this brochure will help you to get to know us better. But you know, as well as we do, that nothing could replace a “real” meeting.

What about scheduling a date? We will be very happy to welcome you and continue this discussion together…. And make you discover a little more about Vandières!

Venez nous rencontrez – Champagne Copin-Cautel