Vine journal

Relationships with family, friends and professionals: I need our exchanges to be made in full confidence. This is the first principle to allow our collaboration to flourish. Both as part of a team in our internal working and with you, our clients.

Environmental approach

Being as much careful about our vines as about our ecosystem, we have been practising an integrated wine-growing for several years.

In 2019, we also obtained the “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) certification level 3 and the “Viticulture Durable in Champagne” (VDC) (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) certification. These new certifications show our genuine commitment that we want to develop in all of our plots. By the way, each of our plots are important in our family heritage.

The emblematic ones that constitute the heart of the vineyard, such as “Les Bauchet Thomas” in Vandières in which I have my best memories of childhood, game and harvest… This is the proof that you only need to believe in your chance to bring it about!

label HVE
label VDC
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Démarche environnementale – Champagne Copin-Cautel

Log book

I use a sure tracking tool to help me in the vine management. This is a log book in which I write my daily achievements and observations.

The date when the flower opens, when and how has been announced the beginning of the harvest. These cheat sheets also will be a reason to relive the atmosphere of a day immortalised in few lines. And invaluable indicators about the events of one year of which I could even anticipate some key moments. Combined with field testing, they will determine the procedure, including the harvesting order of the plots.

Carnet de bord – Champagne Copin-Cautel
  • An affective “treasure”

    The proximity of a human-sized structure considering its clients as real professional friends.

  • An affective “treasure”

    Winegrowers who put a face to each of their clients.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The hospitality of the Vandières terroir at the heart of la Vallée de la Marne.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The attachment to the Champagne blending and to its infinite shades.

  • An affective “treasure”

    An ideal size of range and to which we naturally come back.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A selective committed position for the wine-making process that favours the best juices.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A collaborative, qualitative, rigorous production tool, oriented towards excellence and consistency.

  • An affective “treasure”

    “Moment Collectors”, our brand is equipped with relevant commercial tools to reinforce our partnership.

Come meet us

We hope this brochure will help you to get to know us better. But you know, as well as we do, that nothing could replace a “real” meeting.

What about scheduling a date? We will be very happy to welcome you and continue this discussion together…. And make you discover a little more about Vandières!

Venez nous rencontrez – Champagne Copin-Cautel