The best in us

When I founded my estate, I wanted to go to meet people and get away from the only framework of my wine farm. Open up to other horizons, other visions, other ways of thinking and increase my knowledge of the world.

This principle motivated my participation in fairs and has been a reason to mark the name Copin-Cautel in each of my bottles, I should say “of our bottles”. Here again, this is a collective work that we make Séverine and I.

Collaboration & Sharing

This propensity for exchange and sharing is also naturally present in our historical partnership with the Vandières cooperative. Because the utility of this commitment is to have the opportunity to use first-rate material and privileged support.

In line with our estate and our land which we intend to get the best from.
As people say, you sell what you like and we like blendings. Each of our grape varieties has its own characteristics: greediness for Pinot Meunier, structure for Pinot Noir and delicacy for Chardonnay. The whole complement each other very well. The Vallée de la Marne and Vandières especially has very beautiful expressions and we say that without any chauvinism!

Collaboration & Partage – Champagne Copin-Cautel


Throughout the years, this trusting relationship has moved into a real partnership. Our committed position is becoming more refined, like our rigorous grape selection, our attachment to the Champagne blending and to the different containers (barrels especially). That is why, I take back my bottles during the maturation step to make disgorging and dosages by myself.

I make this work independently but I am also assisted: the cooperative can give us advice for any question we have. While being listened to, regularly consulted on the œnological orientation of our wine-making park.

This is the advantage of belonging to a human-sized structure that let us having our say on any occasion.

Vinification – Champagne Copin-Cautel
  • An affective “treasure”

    The proximity of a human-sized structure considering its clients as real professional friends.

  • An affective “treasure”

    Winegrowers who put a face to each of their clients.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The hospitality of the Vandières terroir at the heart of la Vallée de la Marne.

  • An affective “treasure”

    The attachment to the Champagne blending and to its infinite shades.

  • An affective “treasure”

    An ideal size of range and to which we naturally come back.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A selective committed position for the wine-making process that favours the best juices.

  • An affective “treasure”

    A collaborative, qualitative, rigorous production tool, oriented towards excellence and consistency.

  • An affective “treasure”

    “Moment Collectors”, our brand is equipped with relevant commercial tools to reinforce our partnership.

Come meet us

We hope this brochure will help you to get to know us better. But you know, as well as we do, that nothing could replace a “real” meeting.

What about scheduling a date? We will be very happy to welcome you and continue this discussion together…. And make you discover a little more about Vandières!

Venez nous rencontrez – Champagne Copin-Cautel